It Happened Again

Perhaps I should make one of my New Year’s resolutions to be more diligent with posting, seeing as we’re already almost two weeks into 2014 and I have yet to make a post! Nevertheless, I have not forgotten about “Notas” and I fully intend on making things more consistent this year.

It’s hard to believe that the holidays were only a few weeks ago. I spent Christmas in Lima with my host family and soon after, traveled by bus to Guayaquil, Ecuador for New Year’s. The primary reason that I went out of the country was so that I would be able to receive a new stamp on my passport upon returning to Peru. When I arrived in August, I had only gotten three months and I intend on staying for at least eight. Although, it was nice to be on a little vacation. 

I don’t know what I would have done with myself if I had stayed in Ecuador for any longer than I had. Essentially, I was very ready to get back to Peru and back to work. I’m also grateful to have had said attitude because this week was the first week of summer programming and it was a lot. I feel like it might have felt a little more intense because it is basically an entirely new schedule and new workshops and I haven’t gotten used to the flow, but nonetheless, it was a little bit of a marathon. That being said, it was also one of my favorite weeks of work. Every workshop was a success, despite a great increase in participant numbers at each taller, volunteer coverage worked out and everyone had a great time. This week was a great start to the summer and it makes me feel even more optimistic about what will come next.

For now, I will leave everyone with this little summary of the past few weeks. If I attempted to recount all of the events that have happened since the last time I posted, I might be writing so much that I wouldn’t go to bed until tomorrow night. (Granted, tomorrow is my day off so it is totally possible but I think I’ll pass.)