Barranco and Burritos

For the first time in about a month, I had a “Tuesday”. As many know, Tuesdays are often day-trip days up to central Lima and they are always very fun and include really good food. Since my little accident, my Tuesdays have consisted of recovering or working on college applications or Omprakash work. Today’s trip was to the Barranco district which is about 30-40 minutes (on the Metro) north from Villa el Salvador. I almost didn’t go today, but the universe must have really wanted me to because the internet went out about a half hour before Hannah and Roxana were planning on leaving and honestly what does anyone do without the internet? Exactly.

2013-11-12 07.35.07

“CEDED” and the drawing of the woman with the speech bubble saying hello in different ways was Hannah’s contribution to the public chalkboard.

I had never been to Barranco during the day before, so I was looking forward to discovering more about district. Our first stop was the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. It was a in a beautiful location – right in the middle of a park. Or maybe the park was the museum itself… Anyway, it was really quite beautiful. Unfortunately, we came the day before they were opening new exhibits. Nevertheless, we got to go into two rooms, one exhibit on sound and a gallery with a mix of sculptures and paintings.

2013-11-12 07.32.09

2013-11-12 10.43.31

What I was most looking forward to was the inevitable trip to the Burrito Bar. Conveniently located two blocks from a Metropolitano stop, this restaurant knows its burritos. Right as we walked in (for the second time because the first time we did, we came before they opened) one could tell that the food was going to be good just by how amazing it smelled. I ordered a burrito with chicken, rice, black beans, fajita-style veggies, salsa, guacamole, cheese and sour cream. It was. So. Good. I literally took a moment to just process how amazing it was. It was as enlightening as my first trip to El Pan de la Chola was. It was that good. To say the least, all of us were visibly saddened by the time we finished our food.

2013-11-12 13.15.11

After Burrito Bar, we still had some room for dessert. We made our way over the a Metro supermarket because Roxana had mentioned that she needed to buy something. As we meandered through the market, we discovered that they sold ice cream by the scoop. Hannah and I decided to go for it and I am still very proud of that decision. They gave us four scoops and a cone for approximately $2. I got vanilla chip and ópera. I’m still not sure why it’s called ópera when it was basically coffee, but it also had tiramisu-like cake pieces in it so I decided to just stop asking questions. I just love ice cream so much. So. Much.

Even though I had originally intended on working today, I’m glad that I spent the morning and afternoon in Barranco, having a grand ol’ time. Can’t really go wrong with burritos and ice cream.

Note: Today’s pictures are brought to you by the cell phone I use in the US. I must confess, it’s not too shabby.


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