Real Talk Tuesday

All volunteers and staff have Tuesdays off, but that does not necessarily mean no one works. Over the past several weeks, Tuesdays have meant wonderful day trips to central Lima, but now that we’re in November it’s time to get real. I am still working on my college applications and while the process is slightly less stressful than it was a year ago, my ways of procrastination have not really changed. While my days are not entirely devoted to working at CEDED, it’s kind of hard to conjure the energy to edit essays after tutoring for a couple of hours or find the motivation to do so before heading up for música. But enough of my little pity party. Today was dedicated to getting stuff done and that is what I did.

I am an avid proponent of visual aids for productivity i.e. post its, lists, calendars, the “Reminders” app on my computer. So in that similar fashion, I would like to switch up the usual format of this blog’s posts by highlighting some of today’s activities via list.

  • Caught up on emails. All the emails.
  • Scanned my most recent hospital bills as well as some stuff for CEDED.
  • First realization: I can feel a couple of the (eight in total) screws/hardware that are keeping my clavicle together.
  • Second realization: There are eight screws and a titanium plate keeping my clavicle together.
  • I picked up my laundry.
  • Edited some essays.
  • Researched travel logistics for my Need-to-change-my-visa Holiday Extravaganza. (I’ve never actually called it that. I made it up just now.)
  • Edited some more essays.
  • I bought strawberry jam.
  • Proceeded to make and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (Reminder: it was my first pb & j in two months.)

Now you have yourself a pretty good look into a Tuesday day in the life of Michelle. Stay tuned for more articulate and verbose posts later!


One thought on “Real Talk Tuesday

  1. Your picture of the meal and your description of each food made me hungry and I just had dinner. I’m also on a diet, (my own diet), so I will just let you describe the wonderful food.
    Luv ya, Aunt Susie : )

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