Catch Up 2.0

Once again, I have fallen short on the daily-update of this blog. Although, I didn’t set out to make this a daily-entry blog, I think that routine posting creates a nice sense of continuity.

On Friday, I went with Emily, Hannah and Andy to Miraflores to meet with Alisa, a current study-abroad student who will be helping format BD’s newsletter. We met in a hip cafe in town and got to business talking about BD marketing. Although before I get to that, I must describe to you what we ate! Because as many of my posts contain my experiences volunteering, I have also been having quite a few culinary adventures as well.

Everyone ordered a coffee drink and I got an “Ice Cappuccino”. I’m not usually someone who goes for the fancier drinks, but this morning I felt like why the heck not. We also ordered an appetizer of fried wanton-like dough that came with guacamole. They were so good. My drink was also super delicious – the cappuccino had been blended up with ice and had a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top. Its sweetness wasn’t overwhelming as well.

The meeting was really quite interesting. I learned a lot about BD’s goals as an organization as well as its history. I attended the meeting because not only will I be working on programs at the center, but also with BD’s Facebook page. (If you haven’t already liked them on FB, go do it!) I gained a lot of experience about how to utilize the information that Facebook gives to people who host pages about their organizations on their website due to the social media internship I had with Omprakash. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with BD.

The rest of the day consisted of another delicious lunch made by Martha at CEDED and horas publicas later that evening. As most Friday night tutoring has been, today was not exception. It was pretty quiet.

Saturday was another full day at CEDED. That morning’s guitar class was really awesome, because we played for most of the time. When I got there, it was only Andy and one student, Isaac. The three us of played a song by the Latin American band, Camila. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t played a lot of guitar lately because I had been so busy with school. The calluses on my fingers are no longer, so playing this Saturday was a little bit of an exercise. One of my favorite moments was when Isaac pulled up chords for a song he really liked and we proceeded to learn it together. I even got to show him an easier way to play the song by using some bar chords. It was super fun to jam and play along with the song on YouTube. About 30 minutes before the end of the class, a younger boy came. He had never played guitar before and it was great to see him being so enthusiastic about wanting to learn. We spent the final few minutes eating cake and drinking tea. Pretty great start to the day.

Now, fast-track to this afternoon’s Voices of Youth meeting. As mentioned before, there are Voices of Youth meetings twice a week; Thursday and Sunday afternoons. Today’s group had a couple of kids that also went on Thursday, but I saw a lot of new faces. We played name games and had groups compete in a competition of completing challenges while their wrists were tied together. We tested their teamwork skills and they did fantastically. I’ve only been to two of these meetings, but I’m really excited to get to know these kids better and collaborate with BD on the program’s curriculum.

Full disclosure, I would like for this to be the last time I have to make up for missing posts. I don’t really enjoy the rushed tone that these types of posts exude and they aren’t as interesting to write. I know that this being my own blog, I can write about whatever I choose, but I like to think I hold myself up to some standards. In conclusion, look forward to more consistent posts! I’m looking forward to writing them.


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